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The mission of the Urban Advocacy Corps (UAC) is to uplift survivors, strengthen community response, and create systems change to reduce partner abuse in Detroit.

Partner abuse is a pressing issue in Detroit and it has remained stubbornly unaffected by traditional interventions. Accounting for approximately 25% of the city’s aggravated assaults, the number of reported crimes associated with intimate partner abuse increased between the years 2008-2015, even as Detroit experienced an overall reduction in reported violent crimes.  

We believe that we must be more creative in how we address the issue of partner abuse. We desire to improve community response, increase the availability of resources, and heighten awareness. In pursuit of these goals, we conduct research, build collaboration, advocate for and with survivors, and take targeted action. As we have come to better understand this issue, the UAC has developed the following programs in order to meet these goals.

 Our Programs


The AmeriCorps Urban Safety Domestic Violence Program (AMUS DV) embeds advocates in DPD precinct offices to support survivors of partner abuse. Our advocate members are often the first people to reach out to survivors after a police report, which enables us to provide quick direction on the complex navigation of the criminal justice system. Regardless of survivors’ decisions to pursue criminal prosecution, advocate members assist with developing personalized safety plans, petitions for personal protection orders (PPOs), and connection to other supportive services, such as counseling and shelter. Our advocates increase awareness of partner abuse dynamics as they serve side-by-side with police officers and other systems personnel, and conduct informational sessions in the community. All advocates receive 40 hours of training prior to assignment in the police precincts.

If you are interested in learning more about the AMUS DV program visit our AmeriCorps listing. 


Intersections is a transformative, collaborative project striving to empower a community-directed response to partner abuse and intersectional-based violence in Detroit.

If you are interested in hosting a community conversation, contact us at for more information.


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