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Urban Safety Program

The Urban Safety Program works with community organizations and government agencies on collaborative projects that address persistent public safety-related issues.

The Urban Safety Program conducts research on "best practices" and model programs, analyzes crime and community data, and provides technical assistance to community organizations and government agencies.

The program has developed several innovative projects including "Mapping Out Safe Routes to School," a program that engages youth in community problem-solving through GIS mapping technology; and "Taking Stock of Neighborhoods: A Community Statistical System Demonstration Project," an interactive GIS mapping website that provides community access to neighborhood-level statistics on social, economic and environmental conditions and trends.

Other initiatives have produced innovations in police crime mapping in consultation with the Detroit Police Department, and "Transforming Neighborhood Problem-Solving in Detroit," which brings together city government, city residents and WSU in a collaborative program seeking inventive solutions to persistent neighborhood problems.

David Martin, Ph.D.
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