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Crime and Justice Research Unit

CUS' Crime and Justice Research Unit is engaged in evaluation and research related to a variety of issues in the criminal justice system. Ongoing projects include evaluations of programs in: prisoner education, prisoner reentry, community corrections, substance- abuse treatment programs and early intervention programs.

One current project evaluates the Prisoner Education and Recidivism Reduction Project (PERRP), which offers distance-learning opportunities in vocational education to inmates in two correctional facilities in Macomb County. PERRP hopes to reduce recidivism by releasing inmates better prepared to reintegrate into society through a cost-effective program. To date, 141 students have participated in this program funded by Hudson-Webber.

Another project evaluates the 36th District Court's Drug Treatment Court Program. The Drug Court hopes to halt the abuse of alcohol and drugs and related criminal activity. CUS has been involved in process and outcome evaluation of this program since its inception in 1999.

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