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The Michigan Metropolitan Information Center (MIMIC), a program of the Center for Urban Studies (CUS), serves as Wayne State University’s connection to demographic data, through its affiliation with the Census Bureau’s State Data Center Program. MIMIC’s mission is to provide immediate, and at times early, access to all governmental data, especially the decennial census. Census data, however, are provided in very large and cumbersome data files that require extensive reformatting and programming before the researcher is able to properly use the information. Finding data within these files is often a laborious process, and historical data are not readily available. A grant from the Office of the Provost’s Strategic Investment Fund has allowed CUS to develop this detailed census interface. Among its features are: a User’s Guide to the 2000 Census; technical documentation for a variety of census files; census-related publications from CUS, the Census Bureau and other research organizations; a glossary of census terms; and, links to census-related web sites. Of greatest value to Wayne State researchers, and others interested in the Detroit metropolitan area, are the extract files created from the 1980, 1990 and 2000 censuses. These files contain the full complement of census tables organized by geography – counties, census tracts, block groups, etc. We invite you to spend some time at our site. We want to be the first place you come for your census needs and welcome your feedback. Explore its many features and let us know what you think.